Child support and Child custody agreements should be made when the parents are planning for divorce, not married or not in a relationship. The agreement should contain the details of the time the child must spend with each parent and the amount required for the child to survive. There are some states that experience more number of divorces cases each year and the percentage rate of divorce is increasing day by day.

Many children either live with a single parent or see the unmarried parent’s relationship to an end. To make the public aware of the complex divorce process and determining child support and custody the Weinberger Law groups established two new books in family law New Jersey series style. The book is available in eBook format and paper format with consumer friendly features. The name of the book is “A Guide to Child Custody in New Jersey” and “A Guide to Child Support in New Jersey”. The author of the book is Bari Z. Weinberger, founder of Weinberger law group.

You can learn the practical legal details of the family law and answers to frequently asked questions of child custody and child support by New Jersey parents. Any parent gives top priority to their children and this book helps the parents to find positive solutions for child support and custody problems. You can be more aware of the family law process and the options in it in a better way by reading this book completely. The language and details in the book is clear and simple so that it can be easily understood even by a layman who has no idea about the New Jersey family law.

The book outline includes how to create the agreements for the child custody, solutions for common family problems, tips to work with your family law attorney and also contain various real life instances and case studies. In this book, the author gives opportunity to the readers in learning the child custody options in New Jersey, tips to select the best custodian option based on the family needs, learning valuable tips on reducing the confusion when negotiating the custody. You can also be aware of the basics of visitation process and tips on how to get the full custody of your child.

Weinberger says that this book focuses on the importance of family law attorneys and parenting plan for every parent mainly about your children. The solid custody plan in this book facilitates the parents to maintain good parent children relationship which is an important element for a child’s well-being.

As a reader you can expect the following things in the book. You can understand the child support guidelines of New Jersey laws, creating the entire list of child care cost, cost for higher education cost as part of child’s care, the factors judges consider when modifying or terminating the child support agreement, steps in legal action when a parent misses a payment for child support. To know about more about New Jersey family law, you can buy the book from Weinberger law groups or from any online retail store.

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